Shawn competed in season 1, Total Drama Island. He came in 13th place. He is played by Total Drama Fan. He has brown hair and black eyes. In episode 1 an alliance is formed between him and Scott. There is also a rivalry formed with him and Heather in episode 1. He currently doesn't have any relationships.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Ep. 1- Welcome to WawanakwaEdit

In this episode, Shawn arrives on the dock with Heather and Noah. He says "What's up?" and Heather says "Drop dead zombie freak." Scott confronts him and asks him to be in an alliance with him. Shawn agrees. Shawn is then put on The Killer Bass with Scott. During the challenge, Shawn is the first jumper on his team. Later at the elimination ceremony, he gets the first marshmallow.

Ep. 2- Dodge This!Edit

During the challenge Shawn was the only one left on his team and he was up against Owen, Geoff, and LeShawna. He hit Geoff and LeShawna but Owen got him, causing his team to lose. At the elimination ceremony, he is eliminated.

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