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Total Drama Biggest Loser is a series of 15 contestants who are over weight they try to loser weight after competing in a challenge. The challenge does not determine whether they lose and go to elimination. A team loses by weighing in to see how much weight they lost. The team or Teams that lost the most weight will win and the team with the least will go to elimination and vote off or player.


These contestants are Total Drama Characters that gained alot of weight and are here to lose weight.

  • Blue Team
    • Owen
    • Geoff
    • Courtney
    • Staci
    • Jasmine
  • Orange Team
    • Beardo
    • Heather
    • Alejandro
    • Cody
    • Noah
  • Red Team
    • Mike
    • Beth
    • Leonard
    • Gwen
    • Bridgette

Episode 1Edit


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